Harry S. Truman Award

This award is given annually to a male and a female who is not a currently elected Democratic official. Jackson County Democratic Committee members are eligible to receive this Award, however individuals do not need to be a member of the JCDC. The Harry S. Truman Award recognizes a Democrat who is committed to grass roots political efforts and advancing the goals of the Democratic Party. 

Senator Ronnie DePasco Public Service Award

This award is given annually to a past or present elected official in the State of Missouri. The Ronnie DePasco Award recognizes an elected Democratic official who has dedicated their professional career to public service and who reflects the commitment of Senator Ronnie DePasco to working families and Democratic values.

Sybil Daniels Young Democrat of the Year Award 

The Sybil Daniels Outstanding Young Democrat Award recognizes a Democrat under the age of 30 who is committed to grass roots political efforts and advancing the goals of the Democratic Party in Jackson County. The Award is named in recognition of the devotion and hard work of Sybil Daniels.

Harry Wiggins Award for Best Democratic Organization

This award does not have to be given annually. The Harry Wiggins Award is given to recognize a Democratic club or organization whose efforts reflect the commitment that Senator Harry Wiggins had for improving the lives of the citizens of Jackson County.