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Back in the 70’s we had Harry’s Day…

Then in 1987, the story is that two loyal Democrats (Bill Baker and Lu Vaughn) were traveling on the way back from Jackson Days in Springfield, and while driving back the idea of a Jackson County celebration was born. Well, at least that’s the way we've heard it.  Truman Days turns 32 years old this year in large part due to the efforts of these two gentleman and countless other loyal and hard working Democrats wanting to celebrate Missouri’s only President, Harry Truman.  In recent years, the Truman Gala has become the most well attended annual ticketed event for Democrats in the state of Missouri and goes a long way toward raising the funds necessary to election Democrats up and down the ballot from state-wide offices to county and state legislative races in the KC area.  While the event has been held in a number of locations in Jackson County over the decades, 2020 is our very first virtual version.  Due to covid we had to reschedule the original event and hope you will join us for a fantastic night of entertainment!
  • Former Keynote Speakers
    1987 Missouri Lt. Governor Harriet Woods 1988 Congressman Martin Frost 1989 Congressman David Bonior 1990 Congressman Butler Derrick 1991 Senator John Kerry 1992 Congressman Jim Slattery 1993 Congresswoman Pat Danner 1994 Missouri Lt. Governor Roger Wilson 1995 Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan 1996 Reta Lewis, Washington D.C. 1997 Jim Hightower, Political Humorist 1998 Janet Murguia, Washington D.C. 1999 Missouri Speaker of the House Steve Gaw 2000 Missouri Lt. Governor Roger Wilson 2001 Congressman Emanuel Cleaver 2002 St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay 2003 Senator Robert Menedez 2004 Vice President Joe Biden 2005 James Carville 2006 Senator Claire McCaskill 2007 Congressman John Murtha 2008 Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr 2009 Governor Jennifer Granholm 2010 Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz 2011 Congressman Dennis Kucinich 2012 Governor Tim Kaine 2013 Congressman Raul M. Grijalva 2014 Congresswoman Linda Sanchez 2015 Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur 2016 Senator Claire McCaskill 2017 Senator Debbie Stabenow 2018 Senator Catherine Cortez Masto 2019 Auditor Rob Sand 2020 Congresswoman Sharice Davids 2021 Congressmen Adam Schiff, Ted Lieu, and Jim Clyburn
  • Harry S. Truman Award Winners
    2022 Paul Wrabec & Shellie Montemurro 2021 Rodney Bland & Marsha Lerenberg 2020 John "Coach" Comstock & Velda Cook 2019 Jerry Briggs & Elaine Brewer 2018 Fred Hartwell & Sandy Hartwell 2017 Ken McClain & Beth Low-Smith 2016 Richard Tush & Virginia "Dee" Evans 2015 Jack Hackley & Annmarie Jackson 2014 Curtis Jones & DeAun Young 2013 Steve Bough & Chere Chaney 2012 Keith Thomas & Sarah Starnes 2011 Michael Mauer & Orissa Kelley-Logan 2010 Jim Giokaris & Toni Thornton 2009 Sherwood Smith & Lanna Ultican 2008 Darrell Curls & Janet Lillis 2007 Elmer Taylor, III & Dorothy Kennedy 2006 Chris Hegan & Alta Stephens 2005 Garry Kemp & Mary Weidmaier 2004 Harry Wiggins & Rosemary Lowe 2003 Vince Accurso & Judy Briggs 2002 James B. Nutter, Sr. & Lali Garcia 2001 Bill Baker & Goldie Troutwine 2000 Tom Wyrsch & Cathy Spainhower 1999 Pat Hughes & Nancy Wessley 1998 Alan Wheat & Mary Ellen Miller 1997 Michael Wells & Thelma Hemenway 1996 Bob Hemenway & Doris Quinn 1995 Keith Querry & Les Lucille McReynolds 1994 Luva Vaughn & Vicki Fitzgerald 1993 Woody Overton & Sandra Querry 1992 Harry Springs & Jo Anne Sheil 1991 Matt DeVoe & Gigi Schulz 1990 Ed Drake & Joyce Villines 1989 Frank Hughes & Dutch Newman
  • Senator Ronnie DePasco Service Award
    2022 Sen. John Rizzo 2021 Hon. Scott Burnett 2020 Representative Judy Morgan 2019 Senator Victor Callahan 2018 Jackson County Legislator Fred Arbanas 2017 House Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty 2016 Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders 2015 Senator Mary Groves Bland 2014 Senator Harold Caskey & Senator Ed Quick 2013 Jackson County Legislator Theresa Garza Ruiz 2012 U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill 2011 State Senator Yvonne Wilson 2010 Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II 2009 Jack Cardwell 2008 Hila “Dutch” Newman 2007 Jackson County Legislator Henry Rizzo 2006 Governor Bob Holden 2005 Governor Roger Wilson 2004 Congresswoman Karen McCarthy 2003 Senator Ronnie DePasco
  • Sybil Daniels Young Democrat Award
    2022 Da-Nearle Clarke 2021 Scott Casey 2020 Branden Haralson 2019 Addison Newberry 2018 Andrew Miller 2017 Kate Bergmann 2016 Rachel Gonzales 2015 Claire Cook & Jalen Anderson 2014 Manny Abarca 2013 McClain Bryant 2012 Brian Noland 2011 DaRon McGee 2010 Lauren Gepford
  • Harry Wiggins Award for Best Democratic Organization
    2022 Freedom, Inc 2012 Committee for County Progress 2011 United Eastern Democrats 2010 Westport Landing Democratic Club 2009 Freedom, Inc 2008 KC Pride Democratic Club 2007 Raytown Democratic Association 2006 Democrats 21st Century 2005 Summit Democratic Club
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